Discovering The Graph

Garden And The Stream

When I asked HN someone gave me a link to “The Garden and the Stream” and it’s been a super awesome idea I loved looking into.

The article is worth reading on it’s own, but the idea is this: there is a difference between the time-based information we recieve in streams (e.g. Twitter, Facebook, RSS) and information we curate and refine like wikis.

The difference means we need to start thinking of the information we handle in different ways. Specifically, that it exists in different states of consumption. Things we find or learn on social media is mostly passive versus things that went in our wiki as been fully consumed and understood.

These ideas have given me a whole lot to think about. I’ve mainly thought about how notes seem to not be enough. It made me think that wikis may be a great way for people to organize their thoughts and so I created a personal wiki for myself.