Discovering The Graph


Gollum is a tool which converts text files in specific wiki-style text formats into a full website. It’s used by Github and others to provide wikis using Markdown files, but it also supports many other kinds of files.


Why is this interesting?

Gollum is great for those who want a simpler system and know their way around setting up servers. It’s great because it lets developers who already know git and setting up servers to continue to use very future proofed tools like text editors to create the content of their wikis while having something make it more useful right now.

Gollum doesn’t restrict your content and using Git makes syncing your content between devices, although more manual, much more reliable.

Where I found Gollum

I’d been looking for the name of whatever Github was using to make it’s wikis from markdown. For as long as I could remember they used Jekyll to allow anyone to make a website from markdown and they also allowed you to download and edit a project’s wiki via Markdown.

Very recently I found the answer via this HN thread which had a link to the original post which was cross posted on this current post.